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About EcoSpeakers.com

EcoSpeakers.com is the Speakers Bureau and Speakers Directory of EcoIQ. EcoIQ works to expand the audience for the valuable ideas and good work of speakers, authors, journalists, researchers, photographers, videographers, documentary producers, publishers, web site sponsors, and event planners who focus on the transition to a more sustainable future. EcoIQ operates EcoSpeakers.com to promote speakers for conferences, meetings, training programs, and community, business, and university speaker series. Visit EcoIQ.com here.

About Our Speakers

We represent accomplished leaders, authors, and advocates with a track record of effectiveness and vision. Collectively, they have made thousands of speeches and presentations all over the world. They have informed and inspired millions with messages of hope and direction for the creation of a sustainable future. They know that individuals can make a difference because they have made a difference. Their experiences and speaking subjects cover all aspects of environmental management, land use and transportation planning, and sustainable development.

Selecting A Speaker

As you consider which speaker or speakers may best meet your needs, you may want to keep several things in mind. First, we have created a series of topic pages on which we have placed the speakers that are most clearly focused on particular topics. At the same time, there may well be other speakers who can address a topic in a way that will mesh with the needs of your audience listed on topic pages other than the one that first attracts your interest. Keep in mind as you look through the topics that they are often related to each other in ways that can help you identify additional promising speaking prospects.

Booking A Speaker

If you have selected the speaker you want to engage, if you know when, where, and for what type of appearance you want to engage your speaker, and if the funding is secured and you are ready to enter into an agreement, we'll quickly confirm the speaker's availability and hold the date while the paperwork is processed. The actual agreement will be directly between your organization and the speaker you are hiring.

If, as is sometimes the case, one or more of the issues has not yet been decided or if the funding has not yet been secured, we'll work with you to provide whatever information and assistance you need from us. If you will be submitting a funding or grant proposal, we'll work with you to determine the cost of your selected speaker. If you already have a budget, we'll work with you to figure out which speakers can be engaged within the constraints it imposes.

To book a speaker or request more information, or to get us involved in working with you to evaluate speakers or budgets, please contact us. If you send us an email, please include your phone number as the issues involved are usually best handled by phone.

Other Event-Related EcoSpeakers Services

Several of the speakers represented by EcoSpeakers also conduct workshops or structured training programs. Some provide expert facilitation or event moderating services. Visit here for more on workshops and training programs, and here for more on expert facilitation and event moderating services.

Related EcoIQ Services

The EcoSpeakers Bookstore offers the books of our speakers, including hundreds of enlightening and inspiring volumes and dozens of best sellers. You can show your support for EcoSpeakers and for the work of our speakers by purchasing their books here.

The Speaker Video Center offers speakers’ online video programs, the Speaker Audio Center offers online radio and other audio programs, and our Speaker Article Center offers online articles, book excerpts, interviews, speeches, and reports.

EcoIQ Magazine offers news and events, features, opinion, reviews, and resources, with many articles by our speakers. Our EcoIQTV.com is a gateway promoting a growing collection of online playable videos on the same full range of sustainability-related topics covered by EcoSpeakers.

Featured Speakers

Joe RommJoe Romm. Called “one of the most influential energy and environmental policy makers in the Obama era” by U.S. News & World Report, his work is described as “indispensable” by Tom Friedman of the New York Times... More>>
Debra RoweDebra Rowe. A leader in greening universities, she is Nat’l Co- coordinator of the Higher Education Assn's Sustainability Consortium and Pres. of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development... More>>
Denis HayesDenis Hayes. National Coordin- ator of the first Earth Day. Youngest director of a national laboratory in the nation's history. Selected by Time as one of its 100 "Heroes for the Planet." Author of Rays of Hope... More>>
L. Hunter LovinsL. Hunter Lovins. Co-author of Natural Capitalism. Professor of business at Presidio World College. Former CEO for Strategy at the world-renowned Rocky Mountain Institute. Named "Hero for the Planet" by Time... More>>
Reese HalterReese Halter. Founder and President of Global Forest Science, a team of more than 100 scientists from 29 universities in eight countries. Global Forest Science is a leader in preserving temperate forests... More>>
Christine ErvinChristine Ervin. Asst. Secretary of Energy for President Clinton responsible for clean energy technologies. Past President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council. Led Oregon livable communities task force... More>>
Natalia AllenNatalia Allen. Called a “visionary who is changing your world” by Utne Reader and a “young global leader” by the World Economic Forum, Fast Company has named her firm one of its 10 most creative small businesses... More>>
Raj PatelRaj Patel. Author of the internationally acclaimed critique of conventional agriculture Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and the New York Times bestseller The Value of Nothing... More>>
Summer Rayne OakesSummer Rayne Oakes. A model and activist, she uses her image and expertise to focus attention on environmentally conscious clothing and fashion. She has been the face for Levi’s national “501 Day” of volunteerism... More>>
Roger BallentineRoger Ballentine. A senior member of the White House staff for President Clinton, he was Chairman of the Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Initiatives… More>>
Hillary BrownHillary Brown. She directs CCNY’s Sustainability in the Urban Environment and authored Next Generation Infrastructure describing how utilities can reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change… More>>
Rob CaughlanRob Caughlan. White House staff for Pres. Carter on solar energy. Co-founder, Friends of the River. As President of the Surfrider Foundation, he won a $100 million Clean Water Act lawsuit against coastal polluters... More>>
Bill ShiremanBill Shireman. Co-author of What We Learned in the Rainforest: Business Principles For The New Economy. CEO of the Future 500. Forged the coalition that led to the California beverage container recycling law... More>>
Darcy HitchcockDarcy Hitchcock. Co-author of The Business Guide to Sustainability, she created a sustainability assessment tool used by Nike, Doubletree, Progressive Investment Mgmt, and SERA Architects... More>>
Andrew WinstonAndrew Winston. Co-author of the green business bestseller Green to Gold, he has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC News, and CNBC... More>>
Terry TamminenTerry Tamminen. Former Secretary of the California EPA, he led in designing CA’s Climate Change Action Plan. His newest book is Cracking the Carbon Code: The Key to Sustainable Profits in the New Economy ... More>>
Chris LaszloChris Laszlo. A former executive at Lafarge and corporate strategy consultant with Deloitte & Touche, he is the author of Sustainable Value: How the World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing GoodMore>>
Jacquelyn OttmanJacquelyn Ottman. Author of The New Rules of Green Marketing, she is recognized internationally as an authority on eco-marketing. She has helped more than 60 Fortune 500 companies, including 3M, Samsung & GE... More>>

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