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Rob Abbott

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Conscious Endeavors: Business, Society and the Journey to Sustainability. This collection of essays and speeches collectively serve as a compass to guide business and other key stakeholders toward a relationship with the Earth, and with each other, that is more sustainable than our current societal trajectory. Organized into four sections – origins, homage, reflection, renewal – the book also includes observations by Abbott at the beginning of each section that explain his personal connection to the land. This is a brave book that inspires us all to make the world, and each other, better. More...

       Conscious Endeavors: Business, Society and the Journey to Sustainability

Uncommon Cents: Thoreau and the Nature of Business. Thoreau is revered for his contributions to the environmental movement, but his influence on business is less well known. The central argument of Uncommon Cents is that he was a uniquely synthetic thinker whose ideas about the nature of business are useful, perhaps even vital, for contemporary business leaders. At a time when the role of business in society is being fiercely debated, this book reminds us that the path to a more just and caring world – to new relationships with nature and with each other – can be found in Thoreau. More…

       Uncommon Cents: Thoreau and the Nature of Business

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