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Yoram Bauman

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The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change. If economics can be funny, then climate science can be a riot. This “cartoon introduction” entertains as it educates, delivering a unique and enjoyable presentation of mind-blowing facts and critical concepts. You’ll learn about everything from Milankovitch cycles to carbon taxes. This is the third in a series of “cartoon introduction” books and is based on the latest report from the authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It integrates Klein’s drawings with Bauman’s expertise on climate and economics. As Kindle | More…

       The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume One: Microeconomics. The award-winning illustrator Grady Klein has paired up with the world’s only stand-up economist, Yoram Bauman, PhD, to take the dismal out of the dismal science. The Cartoon Introduction to Economics is the most digestible, explicable, and humorous 200-page introduction to microeconomics you’ll ever read. It makes economics relevant to today’s world and today’s students. It integrates the really cool stuff into an overview of the entire discipline of microeconomics, from decision trees to game trees to taxes and thinking at the margin. As Kindle | More…

       The Cartoon Introduction to Economics: Volume One: Microeconomics

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume Two: Macroeconomics. Bauman and Klein explore the factors that affect the economies of entire countries, and indeed the planet. They explain how economies grow and why they collapse. In the process, they illustrate the basics of the labor market, explain the GDP, and discuss such issues as the influence of government, trade, and technology, global poverty, climate change, and the business cycle. If any of these topics have cropped up in a news story and caused you to wish you grasped the underlying basics, this book will help. As Kindle | More…

       The Cartoon Introduction to Economics: Volume Two: Macroeconomics

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Tax Shift: How to Help the Economy, Improve the Environment, and Get the Tax Man Off Our Backs. The Internal Revenue Code occupies, with the regulations that interpret it, one and one-half feet of shelf space. A half million earn their living deciphering it for us. Tax Shift suggests that we tax the things we want to discourage, such as carbon in fuels and pollution from industry and farms, and reduce taxes on the things we want to encourage, such as work. Aligning our tax incentives with our goals in this way would yield double dividends: cleaner air and flusher bank accounts. More…

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