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Raymond Bradley

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Global Warming and Political Intimidation: How Politicians Cracked Down on Scientists As the Earth Heated Up. Some prominent politicians have tried to destroy the reputations of scientists researching climate change by undermining the credibility of their research. In this powerful book, highly respected climate scientist Raymond Bradley provides the inside story from the front lines. In clear and direct language, he describes the tactics used to intimidate him and his colleagues. Bradley’s book is a cautionary tale of how politics and science can become fatally intertwined. As Kindle | More…

       Global Warming and Political Intimidation: How Politicians Cracked Down on Scientists As the Earth Heated Up

The Hadley Circulation: Present, Past and Future. The Hadley and Walker Circulations are regulators of the Earth's energy budget. This book reviews knowledge of their circulation dynamics and of their interactions with the major global monsoon systems. It also evaluates paleoclimatic records to shed light on variability of climate over the last 1000 years, the Holocene (the last 11,500 years), and other past glacial and warm periods. It serves as a fundamental reference work for researchers, students in the atmospheric sciences and geosciences, and specialists in interdisciplinary research. As Kindle | More…

       The Hadley Circulation: Present, Past and Future

Paleoclimate, Global Change and the Future. Provides a synthesis of research into past changes that occurred in the Earth system. The concentration is on those changes in the Earth's past environment that best inform our evaluation of current and future global changes and their consequences for human populations. It provides a quantitative understanding of the Earth’s environment in the geologically recent past and defines the natural variability against which anthropogenic impacts may be assessed. As Kindle | More…

       Paleoclimate, Global Change and the Future

Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary. A comprehensive up-to-date review of the methods used in paleoclimatic reconstruction, dating and paleoclimate modeling. Two chapters on dating methods provide the foundation for all paleoclimatic studies and are followed by coverage of ice core research, continental geological and biological records, pollen analysis, radiocarbon dating, tree rings and historical records. New methods using alkenones in marine sediments and coral studies are described. Essential for students of climatology, paleoclimatology and paleooceanography. As Kindle | More…

       Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary

Climatic Change at High Elevation Sites. Provides a unique, in-depth view of past, present and potential future climatic change in mountain regions. In particular, it provides up-to-date knowledge about the fundamental mechanisms responsible for climatic change in mountain regions as well as on the consequences of such change. It offers details on investigations by specialists from numerous climate-related disciplines and is helpful in understanding the activities of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is useful for academics, researchers, and graduate students. More…

       Climatic Change at High Elevation Sites

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Climate Change and Society. Good short text to introduce climate change. A geographer and paleoclimatologist with extensive field experience, Bradley verifies human induced climate change and explains the science that drives his work. More…

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