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Medard Gabel

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Designing a World That Works for All. This book is the product of hundreds of people from five continents and 35 countries, most aged 15 to 26 (but a few as young as 55), who gathered each summer from 2005 to 2010 as part of the Design Science/Global Solutions Labs held at the United Nations, the UN International School, and Chestnut Hill College. They worked hard to understand – and even harder to design solutions for – the most pressing problems facing the world. This book presents these solutions and strategies – to meet basic human needs and solve urgent environmental problems. More…

       Designing a World That Works for All

Global Inc.: An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation. Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 53 are corporations. A handful of corporate giants control most of the world's energy, technology, food, banks, industry, and media. Global, Inc. features a series of full-color maps that make clear the tremendous reach of these corporations as they have spread out across the globe. It is the first book to examine multinational corporations from a truly global perspective, and it offers a penetrating look at one of the most powerful phenomena on the planet in the twenty-first century. More…

       Global Inc.: An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation


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