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Reese Halter

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The Insatiable Bark Beetle. Beetles are killing billions of mature conifers throughout western North America and around the world. In areas where cold temperatures have in the past prevented these insects from thriving, our once-healthy but now water-starved trees are becoming more and more vulnerable. With parts of both our environment and our economy at stake, this book provides information on the types of beetles involved, descriptions of the ecosystems they inhabit, and a look at the future humanity may face if climate change continues to drive the spread of bark beetles. As Kindle | More…

       The Insatiable Bark Beetle

The Incomparable Honeybee & the Economics of Pollination. How honeybees have shaped our planet for the past 110 million years. Describes their importance in pollinating more multi-billion-dollar crops and plants than any other living group. Explains how humans and honeybees have been inextricably linked since prehistoric times. Includes many interesting and humbling facts. For example, bees can count, they can vote, and honey has potent medicinal properties. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and even antiseptic functions. As Kindle | More...

       The Incomparable Honeybee & the Economics of Pollination

Life, The Wonder Of It All. A journey through the biophysical principles that govern all of life. The book begins with “The Law of Cosmic Unification,” which choreographs the ever-changing dance of life. A chapter is included for each of the biophysical principles, and each explains how that particular principle governs life. The final chapter is a discussion of “the commons.” It presents the commons as a living trust of which the adults of the world are the trustees and the children are the beneficiaries, not only of the commons but also of all life - and the wonder of it all. Kindle More…

       The World Is In My Garden: A Journey Of Consciousness

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Wild Weather. Weather can be wild and it is getting wilder. Global warming has been linked to a myriad of natural catastrophes, and the race is on to change the ways in which we interact with our planet. In the next decade, we will experience the greatest technological advancements in alternative and sustainable energy generation ever witnessed, as we move beyond our reliance on fossil fuels and begin to harvest the sun, wind and other clean renewable sources of energy. Explains the causes of wild weather and global warming. More...

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