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Speakers cover health and environment issues ranging from toxic chemical or heavy metal exposure in homes, outdoors and at work, health threatening air pollution, water pollution, or direct somatic contact, health threats from household hazardous waste, industrial toxic waste, or radioactive waste, the health risks of pesticide and other food contaminants, health risks associated with environmentally less sustainable lifestyle and dietary choices, and more. Health impacts can include cancer, heart disease, lung disease, asthma, neurological impairment, kidney and liver disease, asbestosis, endocrine disruption, reproductive health problems, birth defects, spread of infectious diseases, dermatological and orthopedic problems, and multiple or extreme chemical sensitivity syndrome.

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Pollution & Toxics. Discharges to air, water, and land, or exposure via touching or eating, cause or contribute to many health problems. Solutions include pollution prevention, waste minimization, green chemistry, non-toxic building and remodeling materials, non-toxic consumer products, choices and lifestyles, minimizing exposure to toxins everywhere, and hazardous materials safety. More >>

Health & Environment. There are many linkages between health and the environment. Toxic exposure, air and water pollution, car dependent lifestyles, meat-heavy-vegetable-light diets, and many more. See Roberta Bondar, Terry Tamminen, Denis Hayes, Richard MacLean, David Steinman, Michael Castleman, Annie Bond, Francesca Lyman, Ted Smith, Arlene Blum, Wil Burns, and Katie Alvord.

Environmental Health & Safety. Exposure to toxic and hazardous materials in the workplace is an important environmental health concern. Addressing this issue more effectively is beneficial not only for workers but also for the businesses that pay health and workers' compensation claims. See Jack Giampalmi and Richard MacLean.

Hazardous & Toxic Waste. Industry, agriculture, transportation, construction, and many commercial and residential activities together produce millions of tons of hazardous and toxic by-products, and our poorly designed processes treat these as wastes and often release them to the environment. Many harmful, unhealthy, unsafe, and costly effects ensue. Turning the wastes from one process into the resources for another is nature’s way, and we humans need to learn to do likewise. See Ted Smith, Jeffrey Burke, Wil Burns, Denis Hayes, and Joel Robertson.

Speakers’ Books On Health
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