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Speakers cover lifestyles and personal choices that are at the same time both healthier and more sustainable. These include reducing toxic chemical use and exposure in the home, choosing health promoting transportation options, and eating for health and sustainability.

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Pollution & Toxics. Discharges to air, water, and land, or exposure via touching or eating, cause or contribute to many health problems. Solutions include pollution prevention, waste minimization, green chemistry, non-toxic building and remodeling materials, non-toxic consumer products, choices and lifestyles, minimizing exposure to toxins everywhere, and hazardous materials safety. More >>

Toxics In The Home. Residences often contain many health threatening toxic compounds. Particle board, carpets, foam pads, and many other items can give off toxic gases. Household cleaners and related products can contain a wide variety of toxic chemicals. And every hardware store sells an array of compounds to homeowners that are intensely regulated when sold in larger quantities to commercial and industrial users because of their toxic and hazardous character. See Linda Mason Hunter, Katie Alvord, Michael Castleman, and Annie Bond.

Food, Nutrition & Health. Speakers cover how to select and prepare food that promotes health and good nutrition, and how that also tends to be healthier and more sustainable for the planet. See Matt Levine, Ann Vileisis, Laura Stec, Annie Bond, David Steinman, Denis Hayes, and David Blume.

Organic & Natural Food & Cooking. Understanding, locating, evaluating, buying, cooking, and serving organic and natural foods. See Matt Levine, Laura Stec, Jay Weinstein, David Steinman, Lisa Kivirist, John Ivanko, Susan Sokol Blosser, Denis Hayes, and Annie Bond.

Vegetarian Diets. Vegetarian diets can have a wide range of environmental and health benefits. In addition, vegetarianism avoids complicity with the factory methods of animal raising and slaughter that many find cruel and morally indefensible. See Jim Motavalli, Laura Stec, Jay Weinstein, Rae Sikora, Lisa Kivirist, and David Blume.

Green Parenting. Parents, care-givers, teachers, extended family and others with roles in raising and educating kids often want to know what they can do to help kids appreciate the natural world and understand the importance of stewardship. At the same time, greening the practical elements of parenting, from cloth diapers to healthy baby food to non-toxic toys, is an important part of a green lifestyle and beneficial and healthful for kids. And to complete the picture, exposing kids to the natural world is increasingly thought by many to play an important role in healthy emotional and intellectual development. See Dan Chiras, Zoe Weil, Lynda Fassa, and Michael Castleman.

Speakers’ Books On Health
& Lifestyle Choices Here >>

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