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Duane Elgin


Duane ElginAs a futurist and the author of Voluntary Simplicity, Duane Elgin has anticipated some of the most important trends of our time. According to a 1997 Trends Research Institute report, “voluntary simplicity… is now spreading throughout the industrialized world… Never before… has a societal trend grown so quickly, spread so broadly, and been embraced so eagerly.”

Elgin is a visionary who looks beneath the surface turbulence of our times to explore the deeper trends that are transforming our world. His most recent book, The Living Universe, brings together extraordinary evidence from cosmology, biology, and physics to show that the universe is not dead but rather uniquely alive. Elgin explains how the nonliving view of the universe has led to global environmental degradation and why we need to move past a paradigm of separation and exploitation to live sustainably on the Earth. His other books are Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future, and Awakening Earth: Exploring The Evolution Of Human Culture & Consciousness.

Elgin served as a senior staff member of the joint Presidential Congressional Commission on Population Growth and the American Future and as a senior social-scientist with SRI International. At SRI he co-authored several major studies on the long-range future. These included Alternative Futures for Environmental Planning (for the Environmental Protection Agency), Anticipating Future National and Global Problems (for the President’s Science Advisor), and City Size and the Quality of Life (for the National Science Foundation).

He is the primary author of The Millennium Project report Global Consciousness Change: Indicators of an Emerging Paradigm. Previously he was also the co-founder and director of Choosing Our Future, a non-partisan, non-profit organization created to “revitalize the conversation of democracy by mobilizing our tools of mass communication.”


Elgin has given more than 250 keynotes and workshops for audiences ranging from business executives and civic groups to college students. He brings an engaging and interactive approach to his presentations.

His major keynotes are:

Our World in Transition: What Lies Ahead, Disaster or Renewal?

Moving From the Rat Race to the Human Race: Cool Lifestyles for a Hot Planet

Collective Crisis Meets Collective Wisdom

A video introduction to Duane’s speaking topics is available here.

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