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Richard Gertman


Richard GertmanRichard Gertman, the principal of Environmental Planning Consultants, is a leader recognized nationwide as a pioneer in the integrated waste management field. He currently serves as a board member of Californians Against Waste. He has served as vice president and board member of the National Recycling Coalition, board member of the California Resource Recovery Association, and president and board member of the Northern California Recycling Association. He has been called upon to provide expert testimony on solid waste and recycling legislation before committees of the United States House of Representatives and the California State Legislature. Gertman was named "Recycler of the Year" in 1984 by the California Resource Recovery Association.

Gertman has published papers in most of the solid waste management and recycling journals in the United States. He has Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in geology from Tulane University and has completed the PhD program (exclusive of dissertation) in geology and paleontology at the University of California at Davis.

Additional highlights of Gertmanís 27-year career include:

  • Recycling Programs Manager, City of San Jose, where he implemented the first large city curbside recycling collection program and plant trimmings collection program in the United States. Under his leadership, the program budget grew from $250,000 a year to more than $17 million annually.
  • Recycling Coordinator, Davis Waste Removal Co., where he developed the first citywide curbside recycling program in the U.S. and the first municipal yard waste composting program in California.
  • Integrated Waste Management Director for California, R.W. Beck and Associates, where he directed the preparation of solid waste planning studies for more than eighty jurisdictions, from Miami, Florida to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Senior Fellow, Community Environmental Council.
  • Staff member, California Waste Management Board, where he coordinated all of the early recycling programs (1976-1978) and proposed and drafted state legislation.
  • Founder and Executive Director, Resource Awareness Committee of Davis, where he began the first citywide curbside collection and processing program for recyclables in the United States in the summer of 1974.
  • Team member and technical advisor, U.S.A.I.D. Environmental Training Program, for Costa Rica and Romania.


Gertman speaks on a wide range of subjects relating to integrated waste management. Topics include contracting for waste management services, collection of recyclables and plant trimmings, processing facility design and operation, marketing of recovered materials, and future developments in waste management.

He has spoken at conferences sponsored by the National Recycling Coalition, many of the State recycling associations, the Solid Waste Association of North America, BioCycle, and the American Public Works Association. He has conducted waste management training workshops throughout the United States and in Eastern Europe, and has taught courses or lectured on integrated waste management at UCLA, University of California, Davis, the University of Wisconsin, and San Jose State University.

Gertmanís current focus is on promoting ways for communities and businesses to make more efficient use of resources. He is looking for engagements where he can speak on the future of waste management practices as well as innovations in waste prevention and waste diversion.

An article by Gertman entitled From Wastes To Resources: It's Time For A Paradigm Shift is available here.

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To explore engaging Richard Gertman as a speaker, contact him by email here or by phone at 408-318-8347.

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