Bob Hirschfeld

Bob Hirschfeld"EcoSatirist" Bob Hirschfeld lampoons the challenges and opportunities of green business with satire that is clean, organically funny and sustainable. His performances are an engaging and motivating way to present an underlying green message while poking fun at everyone involved. He works closely with each client to customize his satire for their unique audience.

He made his mark first as the "Cybersatirist," performing at corporate and association events for more than ten years. He created his own brand of "stand-up with a laptop" satire. His "Funny Business" performance includes parodies, visual punch lines and audience participation, and his success was profiled in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

His humor has appeared in Newsweek and on the op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today. For several years, Hirschfeld was a contributing writer for "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, and Jay calls him "one of the top satirists in the country."

Prior to launching his career as a performer, Hirschfeld was an award-winning video producer for organizations including the World Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Amnesty International. His project for the Natural Resources Defense Council, a program about the need to increase energy efficiency instead of drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, won a CINE award.

Video clips are available here. If you are interested in exploring Bob Herschfeld for your event, please visit Bob’s page here.

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