Richard MacLean

Richard MacLeanAn expert on environmental health and safety (EHS) in the corporate world, Richard MacLean heads the consulting firm Competitive Environment and specializes in EHS strategic planning and management as well as organizational re-structuring. He is also the Director of the Center for Environmental Innovation, a collaborative research effort of leading university researchers on sensitive EHS issues and corporate EHS programs. The Center promotes solidly researched solutions to the toughest problems in the field.

MacLean has held health, safety and environmental positions in four Fortune 500 companies. He was Manager of Environmental Protection for GE worldwide, and his efforts at Arizona Public Service helped that energy utility win the Edison Award, the industry’s highest recognition.

He founded Competitive Environment to help companies achieve environmental, health and safety excellence while improving their competitive position. Drawing as needed on an international stable of experts, his firm has assisted clients on five continents in meeting increasing societal demands.

Seeing a need for disinterested, credible research on environmental health and safety problems and solutions, MacLean created the Center for Environmental Innovation to underwrite such work in an academic setting. He contributes regularly to publications in the field, including Environmental Protection, Environmental Forum, and Corporate Strategy Today.
Richard McLean speaks on environmental health and safety and its relationship to business success and competitive advantage.

To explore engaging Richard MacLean as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Richard, visit his website here.

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