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Walter McGuire


Walter McGuireWalter McGuire is President of The Environmental Policy Center, home of The Global Cities Project, a leading educational and research organization promoting sustainable communities.

In the late 1970’s, McGuire coordinated overseas and domestic trips for President Carter, Vice President Mondale and the State Department. He organized Presidential trips to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Israel, Germany, France, Japan, and Korea. Domestic responsibilities included coordinating numerous trips for the President and Vice President as well as for visiting heads of state, including China’s Vice Premier Deng Xiaopeng.

Following his White House service, he was the Director of the California State Office in Washington, D.C. In that role, he was the principal contact with Congress, the White House, the federal bureaucracy and the national press corps.

McGuire is one of America’s most seasoned practitioners and trainers in the methods and techniques of building massive public awareness and participation campaigns. In addition to his Presidential advance duties, he has conducted training programs for numerous Presidential, Senatorial, and Gubernatorial campaign staffs and managed and trained in event mobilization for Hands Across America, both Olympic Torch Runs, and the Pope’s trip to the United States. He was the national field director for Earth Day 1990, the largest environmental event in United States history.

A lawyer by training, McGuire has served as Associate Dean at University of California, Hastings College of Law and taught at the Golden Gate Law School.


McGuire has spoken or conducted training programs and workshops before numerous groups nationally and internationally over 20 years. Speaking engagements have included the Association of Environmental Professionals, the Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development, the League of California Cities, the Los Angeles Housing Authority, the California Refuse Removal Council, and Community Sustainability Across America.

His speaking subjects include Building Sustainable Communities: The Roles of Local Governments & Leaders, and Integrated Corporate Environmental Planning & Communications. He tailors his presentations to mesh with the subject and professional interests of particular groups.

McGuire also leads training programs and workshops. His current training priorities include how to conduct public awareness and participation campaigns focused on community sustainability, how to use major public events and conferences to educate and build support for environmental strategies, and how to most effectively use both paid and free media.

Video clips are available here, and an article by McGuire on the false conflict between economic development and environmental stewardship is available here.

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