Dom Nozzi

Dom NozziAuthor of Road to Ruin: An Introduction to Sprawl and How to Cure It, Dom Nozzi is a city planner with extensive experience in pedestrian and trail planning as well as in planning to protect the living urban environment. He is currently Executive Director of Walkable Streets Urban Design.

A contributing author to the collection New Urbanism and Beyond: Designing Cities for the Future, Nozzi further develops his ideas in his book The Car Is The Enemy Of The City. He is an instructor for the National Complete Streets Coalition and a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Over more than two decades in the field, Nozzi has authored land use, transportation, and environmental quality elements of city plans, drafted ordinances guiding day-to-day decisions, and written an award winning plain-English guide for developers entering the approval process. He was lead planner for Gainesville’s 26-mile greenway trail network and administrator of Boulder’s unique growth rate control system. He combines a broad view of sustainable urban futures with nuts-and-bolts experience getting things done in the real world.

Nozzi speaks on how transportation planning sets the form of cities and urban life, presenting workable new urbanist alternatives to the auto-centered policies of the past. He champions street-centered, pedestrian friendly design and offers tools for making walkable streets a reality.
Video clips from a presentation, speaking testimonials, audio clips, and information about his books are available here. To explore engaging Dom Nozzi as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Dom, visit his website here.

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