Quiet Riot

Quiet RiotA team of two brothers, Bill Mettler, Executive Storyteller, and David Mettler, Person in Charge of Noises and Opportunities. Quiet Riot has given more than 5000 presentations to educational, theatre, government, corporate, and environmental audiences.

They combine comedy, mime, storytelling, music and sound effects to examine a range of environmental issues - sustainability, eco-economics, global warming, peak oil, renewable energy, conservation, and green communities.

Quiet Riot has presented to NASA's Goddard Space Center, the UN Earth Charter Summit, the Sustainable Business Network, the Earth Policy Institute, and the Washington D.C. Green Festival.

Videos introducing Quiet Riot and excerpting their History & Future of Energy performance are available here and testimonials are available here. To explore engaging Quiet Riot, contact them here. For the most up-to-date information about them, visit their website here.

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