Bill Roth

Bill RothEconomist and energy expert Bill Roth, author of The Secret Green Sauce, is the President of Northern California Community Technologies and the founder of the consulting firm Earth 2017. Mark McLeod, Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Alliance, calls The Secret Green Sauce “the book to read to learn how to make money going green.”

Roth’s leadership roles have included serving as Senior Vice President Energy Services for Pacific Gas & Electric, Chief Operating Officer of Texaco Ovonics Hydrogen Solutions, and President of Cleantech America. He headed projects that produced the prototype hydrogen fueled Prius and the first web-based, meter-linked energy information system.

He has lectured for the World Bank on energy market issues facing new European democracies, and served on California's Hydrogen Highway Task Force. In his book On Empty: Out of Time, he spotlights informed consumer choice as the key to energy and environmental progress.

He has published on sustainability and energy in The Bell Journal of Economics, Public Utility Fortnightly, and Renewable Energy World, as well as at Triple Pundit, Media Daily and Green Economy Post.

Bill Roth speaks on the path to profit for the sustainable business, synthesizing the best practices of leaders in pioneering companies across the nation. He shows how enterprises use branding, social media, and their own excellence to reach the growing army of consumers demanding environmentally friendly, healthful, and often locally produced consumer goods.

Video including clips from a presentation is available here, and information about his books is available here. To explore engaging Bill Roth as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Bill, visit his website here.

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