David Steinman

David SteinmanAuthor of Diet for a Poisoned Planet and Safe Trip to Eden: Ten Steps to Save Planet Earth from the Global Warming Meltdown, David Steinman demonstrates the links between personal and planetary health while pinpointing dangerous ingredients in consumer products and focusing public opinion on their removal.He coined the term “Green Patriotism” to highlight how enlightened consumer choices support national security by reducing climate change.

Other Steinman books include 50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming, Living Healthy In A Toxic World, The Safe Shopper's Bible: A Consumer's Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics, and Food, and The Breast Cancer Prevention Program. He is the founder of Freedom Press, a publishing house for books and magazines on health and the environment, and he is the publisher of Healthy Living Magazine. He has awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the Sierra Club, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Steinman’s research sparked the successful campaign to remove 1,4-Dioxane from cosmetics and led to landmark efforts to clean up Santa Monica Bay. He is often featured as a consumer health advocate in the media, and has testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Health and the Environment. He was an advisory board member of the Green Guide Institute and chaired the consumer advocacy group Citizens for Health.

David Steinman speaks on health and the environment, focusing on how informed consumers can change the marketplace and shape a better future for families, the nation, and the planet.

Videos of presentations, audio programs, and information about his books are available here. To explore engaging David Steinman as a possible speaker, email him here.

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