Dale Willman

Dale WillmanA national award-winning radio journalist, Dale Willman has worked at CBS, CNN, and NPR. While the environmental correspondent for CNN Radio, he won an Edward R. Murrow Investigative Reporting Award for his stories detailing the environmental health problems surrounding the Broadway production of Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

During his ten years at NPR in Washington, D. C., Willman shared in a Peabody Award and many other honors. He covered the national capital beat for CBS and was the first and only full-time environmental specialist in the history of CNN radio. He was Managing Editor for the Great Lakes Radio Consortium for two years, and under his leadership the Consortium won more than a dozen national and regional awards.

Willman now runs his own production company, writes features on environmental issues for NPR’s “Living on Earth” and other media, and appears on campuses and at conventions to discuss the state of the media, the state of the world, and the relationship between the two. He is “one of a handful of broadcast reporters who understand environmental issues inside and out,” says Don Fagin, Director of the Science, Health & Environmental Reporting Program at New York University.

Willman speaks on the power and potential of environmental journalism and investigative reporting, especially on radio, exploring what it takes to focus public attention on the vital story of our environmental challenges – and on the successful resolutions that give hope.

Video clips, speaking testimonials, articles and print interviews are available here. To explore engaging Dale Willman as a speaker, contact him using information on his speaking page here. For the most up-to-date information about Dale, visit his website here.

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