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Natalia Allen

Praise for Natalia Allen's Presentations

“Natalia Allen was absolutely spectacular when she came to speak... Her presentation was both inspiring and informative, and helped our students imagine how they might invent their own career paths based on their unique strengths. She was extremely well-versed in issues as varied as materials technology, global economics, and the social impact of fashion and other manufacturing-based industries.”

Patrick G. Blaine, Ph.D.
Director of Sustainability
Morningside College

“Her presentations to leaders in the commercial, public and non-profit arenas have been invariably perceptive, eloquent and inspiring… Natalia has provided valuable insight into topics such as design, sustainability and technology, and innovative business models… She represents a critical voice on the World Economic Forum’s Consumer Industry Global Agenda Council and its exploration of topics related to socially responsible products and business platforms.”

Eric Roland
Community Manager, North America
Forum of Young Global Leaders
World Economic Forum

“Natalia Allen's personal and engaging Cusp 2010 presentation - essentially about questioning and re-imagining her own sense of what it means to be a designer - is proof that the future of design is in good hands.”

Dave Mason
Cusp Conference

“Natalia spoke at the 2011 Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design and blew the audience away. Having a fashion and sustainability expert speak to the senior leaders of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing firms might seem like a big, and unrelated, challenge. But not for Natalia. Her passion for changing her slice of the world was contagious and inspired (the delegates) to reexamine their own core values… An important leader for today, and an inspirational leader for the future.”

Jonathan Bahe
Managing Director
Design Futures Council

“Natalia was a visiting designer and guest speaker in our graduate lecture program... Her clarity of thought and expression was exceptional, and her dedication to complex problem solving inspiring.”

JP Reuer
Architect, Chair MFA Applied Craft and Design
Pacific Northwest College of Art

“Natalia is a genuine visionary and leader. She discussed sustainable fashion and emerging green technologies at the Behind the Seams Fashion Industry Forum. Her remarks were insightful, inspiring and innovative. She demonstrated a unique understanding of sustainability and was able to connect with a diverse audience of students and professionals.”

Liza Deyrmenjian
Chief Executive Officer
Afingo: Fashion Industry Forum

“I thoroughly enjoyed Natalia’s presentation, ‘Are Clothes Modern? Fashion with a Conscience.’ She did an outstanding job outlining the multi-faceted role that the clothing industry has on the environment and connecting this issue to justice and sustainability. I found her to be authentic and genuine... Very nice!”

Dr. Jane Olmsted
Department Head, Diversity & Community Studies
Western Kentucky University

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