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David Blume

Praise for David Blume's Presentations

“Thoroughly inspiring… animated in presentation, clear, compelling, and inspirational in delivery…. One of the best speakers I've witnessed in a long time.”

John Schaeffer,
Founder and President
Real Goods and the Solar Living Institute & Center

“(David Blume) did a wonderful job. He was informative, witty, energetic, and really engaged the audience… Extremely knowledgeable… I highly recommend David as a speaker.”

Stan King
Simplicity Forum

“David Blume was the keynote speaker at our 28th Annual American Agriculture Movement Convention. He addressed at 6 pm, and at 9 pm our people were still asking questions. (N)o one had a question he could not answer. We were very pleased we chose him for our keynote speaker.”

Joyce Jobgen,
Convention Coordinator
American Agriculture Movement

“(His) plenary presentation at the U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions… was informative, engaging, and inspiring. As the highest rated speaker at our conference, Blume shined in his explanation of the process and promise of alcohol fuels.”

Megan Quinn
Outreach Director
Community Service, Inc.

“Dave Blume will inspire audiences of all kinds… (H)e presents powerful solutions that are much needed… He is an illuminating and exciting voice for the cause... catch him if you can.”

Karen Chen
Co-Organizer & Ecology Manager

“His ability to accurately inform and genuinely entertain an audience is a rare skill… a wealth of knowledge, history, humor, and calls to action.”

Randy White
Internet Coordinator, Clear Channel
Member, Portland Peak Oil Task Force

“A favorite speaker for the San Francisco Vegetarian Society… greatly appreciated by everyone.  We highly recommend him as a great spokesman for organic gardening, natural diet, and permaculture.”

Dixie Mahy
The San Francisco Vegetarian Society

“Both articulate and forceful… he ‘stole the show’ (Food Chain Radio) from some otherwise powerful speakers.”

Michael Olson
Food Chain Radio

“I have yet to encounter a speaker more knowledgeable or engaging… (He has) a unique ability to analyze the natural world… fascinating insights on how permaculture can transform the way we live.”

Mark Hoffman
The Center for Sustainable Community

“First-rate presentations… (his) speaking style is entertaining and full of cutting-edge information… I’m confident that anyone who chooses to engage David as a speaker will be pleased with the results, and recommend him highly.”

Lindsay Dailey
Workshop Director
Real Goods Solar Living Institute

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