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Wendy Brawer

Praise for Wendy Brawer's Presentations

“As a long-time conference organizer, I have had the pleasure of arranging for Wendy Brawer to speak… Wendy, a live-wire by temperament, has invariably offered presentations that were both highly entertaining and deeply informative, very effectively communicating the essence of her Green Map System, whose global "viral" growth has been extraordinary.”

J.P. Harpignies
Associate Producer
Bioneers Conference

“If you want a sophisticated resource, presented in a style that looks effortless, bring Wendy Brawer into your community. Wendy is polished enough to address senior leadership audiences – and accessible enough to work with novice community groups. As she has with groups in the Hudson Valley over several years, she will energize, inform and guide you.”

Melissa Everett
Executive Director
Sustainable Hudson Valley

“Wendy, an innovator and pioneer in mapping community sustainability, is a persuasive speaker whose pure commitment and genuine enthusiasm galvanizes eureka moments on the quality of life for audiences and inspires them to transform their connection to community. She is priceless!”

Ramona K. Mullahey
Editor, ResourcesZine
American Planning Association

“Wendy came to Glasgow to kick start our Green Map project. Her inspirational and motivational presentation reaches the heart and inspires the spirit… Wendy talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Ian Grout
Design Educator
The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

“Wendy Brawer is a far-too-rare creative person who inspires others to join her. She communicates collaboration in every sense of the word Sustainability: social responsibility, ecodesign, and the joy of being alive!”

Jean Gardner
Parsons School of Design
Co-Director, Michael Kalil Endowment for Smart Design

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