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George Divoky

Praise for George Divoky's Presentations

“He was simply perfect. He was hilarious, poignant, provocative, compelling. He held the crowd rapt, and left them at the end of the night much better educated, but without feeling like they'd heard a lecture. It was closer to a David Letterman monologue laced with serious content.”

Denis Hayes
Earthday Network

“We have had nearly 50 fine speakers… and George Divoky ranks in the very top handful. He made the story of his 30+ years of research personal, exciting, clear, fascinating and occasionally lighthearted. A gripping story… environmental education at its finest.”

John Palka
Whidbey Institute/Lyceum Lecture Series

“An excellent presentation… compelling, with stunning photographs and humorous asides that kept the audience engaged… very well received. Students and even several long term faculty members commented that Dr. Divoky had given the best talk they had heard at Lafayette.”

Michiko Okaya
Williams Center Director
Lafayette College

“Having seen George give a presentation… (his) humor and personality, along with his total commitment to his birds, come through… A presentation by George is a completely captivating experience.”

Terry Portinga
Videographer, Portland Public Access TV

“Your two presentations… served to engage and energize our Trustees, supporters and friends around the climate change issue. I still receive positive comments.”

Steve Dennin
Director, New York City Office
The Nature Conservancy

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