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Bob Doppelt

Praise for Bob Doppelt's Presentations

“A dynamic and thought-provoking speaker. His presentation was a conference highlight for many participants. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Holly Duncan
Environmental Law Education Center

“His comments were concise, informative, well organized and laced with a bit of humor… He clearly spoke of the challenges before us, and just as clearly laid out the possibilities of making a difference. He is a talented educator, speaker and facilitator.”

Kitty Piercy
Mayor, City of Eugene

“A clear and inspiring speaker and an excellent facilitator. Attendees commented that they loved his approach to problem solving and change management. Bob's work at our conference helped jump-start several community colleges’ sustainability efforts. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Jennifer Hayward
Sustainability Coordinator
Lane Community College

“(An) insightful public speaker. Mr. Doppelt is able to target his messages carefully to varying audiences, neither speaking over their heads nor short of their capability to understand. His audiences love it, and they keep wanting to come back for more.”

Bud Ward
Founding Member
Society of Environmental Journalism

“Bob’s talk (on climate change), and the workshop overall… got great reviews by participants as scientifically impressive, journalistically provocative and extremely relevant.”

Christy George
Oregon Public Broadcasting

“The events Bob facilitated were highly successful at engaging audiences. (He) is able to show his audience the significance of issues and highlight the dynamics that matter most.”

David Lively
Marketing Director
Organically Grown Company

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