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Christine Ervin

Praise for Christine Ervin's Presentations

“Christine Ervin was every bit as engaging of a speaker as we hoped… She shared her considerable knowledge of, and experience with, the green-buildings movement with warmth and humor. Her participation certainly raised the visibility and credibility of our Engineering Green Buildings Conference & Expo."

Scott Arnold
Managing Editor, HPAC Engineering
Engineering Green Building Conference and Expo
September 26-28, 2005
Opening Keynote

“Mesmerizing a tough technical audience, Christine Ervin again delivered the eloquence, insight and grace of a master presenter!  Christine consistently delivers; her knowledge of the global energy situation and of the progress of green building market transformation allows her to make her points in ways that move her audience to take action.”

Jerry Yudelson
Director of Marketing and Sustainability, Interface Engineering
Chair, USGBC’s 2005 Greenbuild Conference and Expo

"With a sweeping knowledge of the green building world and a highly accessible style, Christine Ervin provided a truly compelling keynote experience for our conference. She told the story of LEED's establishment and growth with authoritative discussion of policy and strategy, as well as excellent case studies and examples. It was the highlight of the conference."

Joshua Skov
Advisory Board of the Sustainable Business Symposium
Principal, Good Company
University of Oregon’s Eighth Annual Business Symposium
March 30-April 2, 2005

“Christine Ervin presented a spirited keynote address to the Solar 2004 national conference of the American Solar Energy Society… Christine responded beautifully to the challenge of criticizing current US energy policy [which has been at best lukewarm to solar energy] while managing to avoid offending the US Department of Energy, a major sponsor of this conference. I find it admirable that she can be simultaneously inspiring, critical and diplomatic. I heartily recommend Christine Ervin for any organization that desires a well reasoned, well researched, and enthusiastic presentation of contemporary energy issues.”

John S. Reynolds, FAIA
Professor of Architecture Emeritus, University of Oregon
Chair, Solar 2004
American Solar Energy Society Annual Conference
Opening Keynote

“Christine Ervin has many skills but none more impressive than that of public speaking. Her extensive resume and background give her a wealth of experience to draw from. I have had the opportunity to be present at many of her speaking engagements and always marvel at how she always - just nails it. She also interjects a nice touch of humor, even when the subject matter is serious. She's a real pro.”

Paul von Paumgartten
Director, Energy and Environmental Affairs
Johnson Controls

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