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Melissa Everett

Praise for Melissa Everett's Presentations

“Thank you for your wonderful and heart-felt performance; among the best keynotes in the whole series!”

Paul Beyer
New York State Smart Growth

“Melissa's keynote presentation was a highlight of our conference day… She provided a great blend of perspective and inspiration for our very diverse, somewhat jaded audience of employment and training professionals.”

Tom Bregman
Hudson Valley Green Economy Conference

“Melissa got to the heart of the challenge of sustainable development, showcasing practical models to help build the groundswell for real change. Her presentation was well attended and well received.”

Tony Lisanti
Clarkstown New York Environmental Summit

“Melissa is a dynamic, energetic speaker who captivates an audience by providing real-world examples and a coherent framework that applies to anyone. Her passion shines through. When I listened to her speak, everything clicked. I knew exactly what I needed to do.”  

Annalise Stack
Green Mountain College MBA program

“As the keynote speaker at our 2006 Sustainability Symposium, Melissa Everett brought a considerable expertise in green careers… Her explanation of what sustainability is… was lucid and motivating… One of the most engaging features of Dr. Everett’s presentation was her obvious delight in directly interacting with her audience… She spoke with us, not to us.”

Dr. Robert Curry
Chair, Sustainability Taskforce
Alfred State SUNY College of Technology

“How many presentations have you crying cleansing tears of joy and recognition, to hear the stories of people you know and admire, and the visions of positive change that you know the world needs? Melissa's keynote for our youth leadership conference did just that for me.”

Matt Nicodemus
Steering Committee
Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility in Job Decisions

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