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Roger S. Gottlieb

Praise for Roger Gottlieb's Presentations

“One of the very best speakers I have ever heard talk about climate change. He is brilliant… His warm and friendly way of speaking engages and inspires a broad range of listeners. He speaks very compellingly about the dangers and realities of our current situation, but he also knows how to present the information with enough sense of hope and humor… He is a riveting speaker.”

Reverend Kate Stevens
Leadership Council
Religious Witness for the Earth

“Everyone felt so energized and inspired after his presentation… He was funny, moving, poignant, inspired and inspiring… He has a powerful way of connecting with even large audiences in intimate ways due to his clear passion, his sincerity and his keen ability to make people more aware of the challenges we face while inspiring agency rather than despair. I recommend him highly and without reservation.”

Diane L. Moore
Director of the Program in Religion and Secondary Education
Harvard Divinity School

“He was spellbinding. He gave a presentation on Judaism and the Environment that was both erudite and easily accessible… He combines seriousness and humor… His terrific presentation and discussion inspired many to think about changes they might make in their lives.”

Rabbi Michael Luckens
Temple Keren Shalom
Concord, MA

“I was riveted by his talk, which was dense with insight, provocative, and inspiring… Many commented that his talk challenged and entirely reconfigured their understanding of the relationship between religion and environmentalism… Roger provides remarkable theater, and the intensity of his presentation has the power to charge a large audience with transformative spiritual energy… (A) more dynamic speaker cannot be found.”

Daniel C. Fouke
Department of Philosophy
University of Dayton

“He has a unique gift for connecting with his audience by seamlessly weaving together critical information with clear, concise, interpretative insights, and a healthy sense of humor… His vision and his ability to evoke passion among those in the auditorium was inspiring… And without avoiding the difficult truths we all face concerning the plight of our environment, Gottlieb taps into a vein of hope that we all need.”

Seamus Carey
Department of Philosophy
Manhattan College

“He knows the planet and its human inhabitants well and addresses our most pressing questions with courage, humor, passion and prophetic insight… (O)ne of the most significant voices of our time on issues related our ecological future. He charms us even as he confronts us to understand the 'signs of the times' and act before it is too late. Bridging philosophy, ecology, spirituality and science, Gottlieb's is a voice that should be heard by as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.”

Bill J. Leonard, PhD
Dean and Professor of Church History
Wake Forest University Divinity School

“Roger Gottlieb makes profound connections between environmental, spiritual, and ethical issues. His engaging, intelligent, clear articulation of these ideas captivates and motivates those lucky enough to hear him.”

Laura Hobgood-Oster
Elisabeth Rooth Paden Chair in Religion
Southwestern University Department of Religion and Philosophy

“Roger Gottlieb is one of those rare persons who speaks with the courageous power of a prophet, the soft compassion of a healer, the uncluttered convictions of an activist, and the penetrating analysis of an intellectual. A rare, winsome combination…”

Dr. Mark S. Burrows
Professor of the History of Christianity
Andover Newton Theological School

“We’ve had the privilege of hosting events with Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks and Patch Adams, to name but a few… While this prolific author and inspirational speaker’s name recognition, as of yet, doesn’t equal those individuals mentioned above, the content of his speeches do… When Dr. Gottlieb stands at the podium and delivers a speech, qualities of heart and mind envelop the room as he educates, inspires and challenges those in attendance… Roger has the rare gift of engaging humor where levity helps punctuate a particular point, and as easily takes the listener to depths of concern over the present state of the environment without robbing them of hope.”

Lewis M. Randa
The Peace Abbey

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