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Allen Green

Praise for Allen Green's Presentations

“Allen Green knows how to engage and inspire a crowd. His presentations are multidimensional, energetic events that inform, but don't resemble lectures. He works in the now. The issues he addresses are fresh, and his passion is evident in everything he shares.”

Lynne Elizabeth
Director, New Village Press
Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility

“Allen Green's presentations are highly motivating, clearly expressed, thoughtful, well documented… on target, original, and very useful.”

Fred Stitt
Director, San Francisco Institute of Architecture
EcoWave National Conferences

“Allen’s presentation was outstanding. His case studies of innovative, successful community participation were inspiring and instructive. Our tree groups came away with new perspectives to consider.”

Genni Cross
Director, California ReLeaf
Trust for Public Land

“He has developed communication into the realm of an art form. The art of getting people energized and motivated. Allen’s energy is exceeded only by his ability to come at problems form directions overlooked by others.”

Gary Dwyer
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

”Allen is an inspired and exciting motivational speaker. It is really a treat to see how clearly and energetically he articulates his message and how enthusiastically he is received. An audience of 200 students and teachers surrounded him after the talk at the national EcoWave conference.”

David Moore
Artistic Director
Sincere Design

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