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Reese Halter

Praise for Reese Halter's Presentations

"A refreshing, entertaining, passionate and above all, a science-based presentation of environmental issues facing us today. A rare balance of environmentalism and capitalism that captivates and educates any audience."

Jerry L. Gray
Dean Emeritus and Senior Scholar
I.H. Asper School of Business
The University of Manitoba

“I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoyed your keynote presentation at the Alberta Science Teachers convention… Your talk was very inspiring… I appreciated how you presented the science behind some of our more serious environmental problems but then focused on some of the positive things that individuals, organizations and companies are starting to do… I would highly recommend you to other educator groups as a presenter.”

Steven Smith
Senior Science and Biology Teacher
West Island College

“For your excellent keynote address I simply want, on behalf of the entire conference, to express to you our deepest appreciation… Your personal approach, along with some humor, kept the audience alert and eager…”

Ray Fast
Fast and Associates, International Management Consultants

“Dr. Halter’s presentation was inspiring, insightful and fun. He was able to reach students, faculty and alumni alike with his message of the importance of understanding climate change, and what we as individuals can do about it. It’s a talk that everyone needs to hear. Dr. Halter has a gift for presenting very complex issues in ways that everyone can understand by illustrating concepts with examples that span from the ocean to the forest and the city. It was a wonderful talk. We would love to have him back again.”

Robert Teskey
Distinguished Research Professor
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia

“Dr. Reese Halter… is a well-prepared, energetic and passionate scientist who speaks well to all ages… Our audience here in Snowmass found him to be inspiring and his information very accessible. He is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. On our evaluation sheets for the day, he was consistently listed among the audience’s favorite speakers.”

Debbie L. Murphy
Executive Director
Windstar Foundation

“A compelling speaker… he interprets and expresses scientific knowledge in an articulate and enjoyable way to his largely non-academic audiences. His delivery is natural, well researched, and enlightening… I highly recommend Dr. Halter for a wide range of speaking engagements.”

D. Courtney Milne
The Sacred Earth & Spirit of the Land

“The students, as well as the teachers, parents and guests, were so complimentary and expressed their appreciation for your inspiring and knowledgeable talk… We thank you also for that graciousness, that friendliness of manner which has given so much charm to every moment of your presence with us.”

Harriett E. Hubbard Kay
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Cahuilla Chapter

“We sincerely enjoyed working with you and wish you much success as you continue to spread the word of conservation and environmental protection around the globe… The words you shared about the concern we should all show for our environment will definitely live on long after our event… I would highly recommend you.”

Carol Moore
Town of Richmond Hill

“I first saw Reese Halter speak at the Windstar (John Denver) Conference… His depth of knowledge and his passion inspired me. Reese gave me hope about the future of our world… I thoroughly enjoyed him…”

Tami Schwerin
Executive Director
The Abundance Foundation

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