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Mike Harcourt

Praise for Mike Harcourt's Presentations

“A wonderful talk on the role of cities in creating a sustainable future… The participants truly enjoyed your talk… We received excellent feedback…”

William Koty
Director, Applied Degrees
University of British Columbia Continuing Studies

“Mike did a fantastic job, he is a visionary. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are about how everything went. It was a smashing success. We are getting lots of great feedback from the municipal crowd.”

Amy Hennessy
Community Relations Manager
Terasen Gas

“You provided excellent information and helped us think about how to move to the next level. Your challenge for Columbia Basin Trust… become a catalyst for achieving sustainability in the Basin. Thank you for an excellent job!”

Garry Merkel
Chair, Board of Directors
Columbia Basin Trust

“Thank you for traveling to Halifax to address our recent Annual Conference. I particularly enjoyed your discussions of solutions which we, as communities, can involve ourselves with to address climate change.  You left us with the very clear message that to do nothing is not an option…”

Robert Wrye
Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities

“The event was a success! There isn’t anything we would change, he motivated and inspired.”

Christine Lee
Alumni Relations
University of British Columbia

“Our keynote speaker, Mike Harcourt, was ‘fantastic!’ What an uplifting beginning. He was (also) excellent, outstanding and informative at the Q & A following.”

Irene Martin
Executive Director
Alberta Senior Citizen’s Housing Association

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