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Mark Harris

Praise for Mark Harris' Presentations

“Mark Harris delivered one of the most compelling and well-received public lectures I have attended… Smoothly blending anecdotes and factual research… he managed to engage a standing-room-only audience…”

Joyce Hinnefeld, Ph.D.
Chair of the College Arts and Lectures Committee
Moravian College

“Mark Harris is a relaxed, gifted, organized speaker with a wealth of material, interesting – often beautiful – pictures, and engaging style… (With) humor, insight and perspective, Harris illuminates the subject, engages the audience, and presents simple, earth-friendly, economical choices. (He) is an excellent speaker with an important message. I recommend him without reservation.”

Jean Bandler
Vice President
Funeral Consumer Alliance of Connecticut

“Mark’s presentation to the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maine was outstanding and well received. The attendance was twice what we normally get at our annual meeting, and the question and answer period, which was a half hour in itself, indicated how much interest (his) talk stimulated.”

John Parker
Annual Membership Meeting Chairperson
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maine

“Fascinating… his sensitive approach to the subject of end-of-life options and his easy presentation style clearly opened the way for more intergenerational discussions of the topic of ‘grave matters’.”

Carol Seaman
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Bloomington

“Mark is an engaging speaker who is superbly informed about his topic. His welcoming presence invites the audience to enter into thoughtful and enjoyable dialog about natural burial, environmental issues and the stewardship of creation. He answers questions ranging from the technical to the theological with aplomb. He shares his passion with a grace and good humor that are contagious!”

The Rev. Anne E. Kitch
Canon for Christian Formation
Cathedral Church of the Nativity

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