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Denis Hayes

Praise for Denis Hayes' Presentations

“Denis Hayes was a superb choice to open our annual conference! As a somewhat unusual choice for us, some of our leadership was nervous about what he would say, but Denis was a huge success. His gravitas from a lifetime working for a sustainable planet, coupled with his understated delivery and wry humor, hit all the right chords. We heard nothing but positive comments about how well his talk was received, and it set a great tone for the whole conference.”

Tim Worley
Director of Technical Programs
American Water Works Association

“Denis Hayes is a rare environmental speaker. His lecture delivered the extraordinary combination of moral authority, intellectual depth, and incisive wisdom that comes from his more than four decades of wide-ranging work at the local, national and global levels. He is at once thoughtful, cogent, methodically persuasive, and deeply moving. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from students and colleagues alike... one of the most meaningful and memorable days in my eleven years at Mercyhurst College.”

Chris J. Magoc
Chair, Department of History
Mercyhurst College

“The calm, clear, credible words of Denis Hayes provide an understated background for the powerful call to action that is implicit in his message. He talks with the authority of someone who has not only lived this message, but also cared enough to master the scientific disciplines and understand the complex interactions that must be considered as we learn how to live in greater harmony with our planet. He talks honestly about the potential devastation that may await us if we fail but it is his optimistic message of hope and progress that captures the imagination and invites the participation of his audience.”

Bill Erickson
Executive Vice President

“Denis Hayes is a rare speaker – experienced, thoughtful, critical, caring, and challenging. In the complex and frustrating world of environmental issues, it is often easier to give up and check out. Denis regularly denies us that option and gives us the energy and insight to move ahead.”

Travis Bradford
Managing Partner, Atlas Capital Investments
Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“Your speech was integral to making our recent Creating Climate Wealth conference a wild success. Your message of hope and inspiration is a beacon for our industry. As you said in your speech, we now have assembled enough talent, venture capital, commitment, and drive to make your dream of 30 years ago come true.”

Jiggar Shah

“We can’t tell you enough how much we enjoyed having Denis at our conference. We kept hearing from people that it was the best message they’ve ever heard.”

Nicole DeWald
World Conference Manager

“Mr. Hayes gave an extraordinarily thoughtful presentation that included a breadth and depth of information that was simply stunning. Moreover, this was conveyed in deeply human terms that were sympathetic to complexities of environmental problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Daniel McFee, Ph.D.
Co-Director, The Evelyn Lincoln Institute for Ethics and Society
Mercyhurst College

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