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Chris Maser

Praise for Chris Maser's Presentations

“As our keynote speaker, he energized the attendees (of the Cascadia Conference) and sent them on their way inspired and motivated. The spontaneous standing ovation attested to that.”

Ruth Bascom
Eugene, Oregon

“Chris Maser is an all-too-rare voice of sanity in the global eco-crisis.”

David Suzuki
The Nature of Things

“Our Audubon members are still talking about his presentation. Several people have told me that it was the most influential and inspiring talk ever heard at an Audubon meeting.”

Gary Gibson
Corvallis Audubon Society

“Chris Maser is an eloquent voice for the earth and its living systems. For two decades and longer he has been at the forefront of the effort to understand forests, soils, and wildlife and calibrate human actions with long-term ecological realities. His effort to translate science, spirituality, and human needs is remarkable.”

David W. Orr, Ph.D.
Oberlin College Environmental Studies and Politics

“He was definitely the most interesting and dynamic speaker of our New Perspectives seminar. He helped participants see new horizons with respect to our forest ecosystems, their dynamics, and their linkage.”

Jerry E. Schmidt
Forest Supervisor
Silver Creek, Colorado

“He made an excellent and though-provoking presentation at our Forest Service Orientation in Milwaukee. His presentation ‘was powerful stuff’ and started our session on the right path.”

Dave Shultz
Human Resources Staff
U.S. Forest Service

“People who were fortunate enough to hear Chris Maser speak at the Lake Tahoe Ecological Forum are still buzzing with enthusiasm…”

J. Shane Romsos
Wildlife and Fisheries Program Manager
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

“I've been involved with negotiations and decision dynamics for over thirty years and I've never seen anyone better at bringing people together. His performance was phenomenal.”

J. Holmes Armstead, Jr., J.D., Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Santa Clara University School of Law

“An eloquent spokesperson for a saner, more sustainable way of life.”

Steve Goldman
Program Manager, Natural Resources
Tahoe Conservancy

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