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Jason McLennan

Praise for Jason McLennan's Presentations

“As our conference keynote, Jason McLennan delivered a fascinating trip through the past, present and future of green architecture and building, tailored perfectly to our lay audience and full of visuals, which enhanced his presentation. He created a sense of both urgency and hope that set the stage for the remaining two days of our conference – and got a well-deserved standing ovation.”

Nan McKay
Environmental Education Association of Washington

“Jason was a speaker at our company retreat. His talk was inspiring and very well received. The talk gave the engineers on our team a wider vision of why sustainability matters and how it applies to them personally. The comments after the retreat were universally positive. I whole-heartedly recommend Jason as a speaker.”

Peter Rumsey
CEO, Rumsey Engineers

“He has been responsible for the most ambitious, stimulating, and well-received recent developments in green building in the United States. Drawing on his own architectural background, his intimate familiarity with cutting edge design and equipment around the world, and his awareness of the positive role buildings can play in relieving problems with energy, climate, and water, he transfers his excitement about sustainable design to every audience.”

Denis Hayes
President & CEO Bullitt Foundation

“Jason McLennan engages his audiences with thought-provoking stories and data that will be discussed long after the presentation.”

Kath Williams
Former Chair, World Green Building Council

“A respected authority and leader in the green building industry who is pioneering at the creative frontiers of his field with his concept of Living Buildings and Living Communities. He is a captivating speaker with a powerful and essential message.”

David Korten
Author, The Great Turning
Board Chair, YES! Magazine

“Jason McLennan's presentation to the Green Corridor here in Windsor Canada was not only an eye-opener but was akin to ecological enlightenment. His ease of presentation harnessed practical and wise strategies that will guide our community for years to come.”

Noel Harding
Leader of the Windsor Green Corridor Project

“Jason McLennan is one of the few spokesmen of the green movement who is not only versed in all aspects of the theory behind the movement but is a competent and experienced designer. I can attest that his speaking talents reflect this combined competency.”

Pliny Fisk III
Fellow, Sustainable Urbanism
Co-Director, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

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