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Wallace ‘J’ Nichols

Praise for Wallace ‘J’ Nichols' Presentations

“J Nichols' presentations at Bioneers have always been among our finest. His talks are warm and engaging, and speak to people ranging from the most knowledgeable to novices, a must for our audiences. He is consistently inspiring, offering examples of the capacity of each of us to make a real difference… J manages to combine being a scientist with all the credibility that confers with simultaneously attuning to the emotional, psychological and educational state of his audiences, and he emanates warmth, clarity and caring with each presentation.”

Nina Simons
President and Co-Founder

“J is a passionate advocate for the environment who lives his creed… He holds audiences spellbound with his stories; he is a master of the metaphor. People are engaged by his sense of adventure and by his love of nature and people who interact with nature.”

Larry Crowder
Duke Center for Marine Conservation

“When the fate of conservation seems too daunting to face, not to mention to change, I turn to the eloquent and inspiring words of J Nichols to help reconnect the passion, the hope, and the power to make a difference… I have witnessed many presenters, yet J's message of urgency for an ocean revolution is by far the most impactful that I have ever felt. Captivating, mesmerizing, engaging... J has a unique ability to put light in the hearts of every person who hears him speak.”

Jennifer Palmer
IUCN Global Marine Program

“(He) was certainly a stand-out in our Munson Marine Lecture Series… an inspiring talk… how people could change social mores to save turtles. Even though the lecture was three years ago, I still remember well both the excellent lecture and J Nichols' great communication skills.”

Martha Smith
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

“J Nichols has the rare ability to speak knowledgeably while at the same time being utterly engaging. He can connect with audiences in a way that is rare for a scientist because he speaks not just as an academic who is deeply aware of his field intellectually, but also as a human being who lives deeply embedded in the coastal environments he is trying to save. A beautiful and absorbing speaker.”

Margaret Wertheim
Curator, First Fridays Lecture Series
Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

“J. provided a clarity of vision and clear communication about the state of the world’s oceans for our film, The 11th Hour. He speaks from the heart and is a new leader and peaceful warrior for the planet. When listening to J. one falls in love with the ocean and with the wildlife that lives there; and he makes you feel like you can make a difference. J. needs to be in front of as many people as possible, it would be best for all of us and especially for the oceans.”

Leila Conners
Director, The 11th Hour
President, Tree Media Group

“His humble yet powerful presentation - a presentation that combined a wealth of knowledge with a sense of commitment and passion for his work – provided a wonderful example for the Duke community and a most appropriate message for Earth Day. We all left with a renewed desire to participate in creating a more sustainable future. I would not hesitate to invite Dr. Nichols to give a lecture at Duke University again in the future.”

Dr. Bill Chameides
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

“J has the gift to make a person listen and pause for thoughtful contemplation, and realize the importance of the preservation of our natural environment… He is a rare and brilliant visionary for the protection of our natural world.”

Barbara D. Andrews
California Academy of Sciences

“Warm and engaging, Dr. Nichols' anecdotal speaking style captures his audience, inviting them to share his passion for the ocean and drawing their attention to the plight of this critical cause.”

Elizabeth Borelli
Race Against Global Warming

“J connected with the audience, inspiring a group of overachievers to do even more to save our planet. I look forward to working with him again in the future, and highly recommend him if you're looking for an engaging and motivating keynote speaker.”

Peter Brumis
Ecomentum Consulting

“(His) engaging and eloquent style captures an audience’s interest and attention… J clearly has a passion for his work and experiences and he shares this with a sense of compassion and urgency.”

Ian & Tonya Fitzpatrick
Hosts and Producers
Travel’n On Radio Show

“From the first time I heard J giving a public speech in Mexico, I knew he was a man that could speak to all kinds of people, no matter the diversity of backgrounds, countries or realities they had… J actually speaks from his heart, about things that represent his passion for life… As an organizer of this conference I’ll say without hesitating that J’s talk was the most outstanding at our event!”

Egle Flores
Universidad de las Américas

“Out of all of the presenters we have had for SOS, I must say that J was the most dynamic and interesting speaker - a very tough act to follow - which is why, as happened in this event, he's most often asked to speak last.”

Laura Kasa
Executive Director
Save Our Shores

“(H)e has proven himself to be an exceptionally strong and influential speaker… (H)is speaking style is relaxed but compassionate. He is able to adjust his material from professional to layman and gives equal value and effort to both. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace J. Nichols for your event.”

Deborah Lindsay
Producer and Radio Host
Tomorrow Matters: Talk Radio for a Better Tomorrow

“Few presenters have demonstrated the passion and dedication that is so apparent in Dr. Nichols when he speaks about his work… J truly connects with a wide audience, not just academic researchers. For me, his discussion of the results that such an integrated approach to conservation can produce was both exciting and highly motivating.”

Hannah Lucas
Western Washington University

“J moved our participants by mixing this story-telling style with plain-spoken, persuasive descriptions of the urgency of ocean conservation. Although we reside in a land-locked state, our participants left J’s talk feeling much closer to the ocean through their new understanding of its environmental challenges and what they could to make a difference either through small adjustments to their lifestyles or better still, by getting involved as change agents in a larger movement.”

Steve Setchell
Assistant to the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
DePauw University

“J's talk for The Ocean Foundation was inspiring, not just informative. It was a pleasure to hear him engage our donors in a conversation about protecting sea turtles and the communities of people who depend upon them.”

Mark J. Spalding
The Ocean Foundation

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