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Jacquelyn Ottman

Praise for Jacquelyn Ottman's Presentations

“Your presentation on sustainable development was the best we’ve had from any outside speaker – challenging, informative, helpful and catalyzing… you combine a comprehensive overview of the strategic importance of sustainable development for the future of manufacturing with a methodology that enables corporate managers to quickly and deeply grasp what kinds of options are available to reduce costs, decrease pollution and gain market dominance through sustainable development.”

Douglas B. Weinfield
Attorney and Staff Director
Environmental Management Councils, Manufacturers Alliance

“...An excellent, big-picture approach. (Jacquelyn) offers her strategies in a helpful, example-laden presentation that makes their practical application immediately apparent.”

Rick Renner
Environmental Affairs

“Truly inspiring… (it) raised my awareness in that there are many students and professionals who really care about designing green and learning more how to be successful at it.”

Deb Darling

“Thank you so much for the presentation . . . it was truly enlightening. We learned so much in our session with you and look forward to your insight and guidance as we move forward. I think we now have a good place to start on our green marketing efforts for the bank and for our campaign.”

Nicole Rousseau
VP Marketing

“Great informative workshop. Inspiring.”

Clara Powell
Strategic Marketing Specialist
Philips Lighting

“A wealth of knowledge. I will be able to take back a business case that just may introduce the benefits of eco-design to a company that otherwise would not make an effort... I wish that everyone in my company would have come.”

Allison Hernandez
Lockheed Martin

“The workshop rejuvenated me and reminded me that I can be a change agent at my company.”

Suparna Kadam
RWF Schoot Solar

“Philips Lighting found the seminar and workshops to be a great value.”

Paul Walitsky
Philips Lighting

“You can’t help but walk away with many new ideas and inspirations. If only there were a way to share this information and thinking with the greater design community, so we could all be the ‘good’ designers that we have the potential to be.”

Keara Schwartz
Carnegie Mellon University

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