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Tim Palmer

Praise for Tim Palmer's Presentations

“Among the hundreds of public presentations I have witnessed over the past fifty years, I would rank Tim Palmer's among the top two or three. Our audience was overwhelmed by his stunning photography, but perhaps even more by the force and eloquence of his environmental message.”

Wilbur Zelinsky
Professor Emeritus of Geography
Pennsylvania State University

“Tim's words and images bring subjects to life in ways that few speakers can do. He gives a human dimension to complex environmental problems and weaves natural history, geology, sociology, and history into a rich, seamless fabric.”

Ken Cline
Professor of Environmental Law and Policy
College of the Atlantic

“Tim Palmer is a captivating speaker and his presentations and slide shows are a highlight of any conference he participates in.”

Mark Angelo
Chair, Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Dept.
British Columbia Institute of Technology

“A brilliant photographer and prolific writer, Tim Palmer has a special ability in bringing his years of experience to life. To layman and scientist alike, he is an excellent commentator and instills a great appreciation for our natural resources.”

Arthur C. Benke
Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Alabama

“Rarely have I ever seen a presentation as powerful as the one that Tim Palmer delivered as a speaker in our Bracken lecture series. His message was strong and clear, his words remarkably poetic and resonant, and the images simply stunning. As a teacher who emphasizes communication skills, I sincerely say without exaggeration that I was bowled over--as were the students, faculty, and community members in the audience. We're still talking about that lecture, as well as about Tim's visit overall. He's a remarkable communicator with equally remarkable insights to share.”

Eliza Pennypacker
Chair, Dept. of Landscape Architecture
Pennsylvania State University

“Tim Palmer speaks with eloquence that inspires. His clear, passionate defense of water and land makes responsible action possible.”

Todd Shallat
Professor of History
Boise State University

“Tim has it all: great slides, engaging stories, and valuable information for our time. Our audiences love him.”

Jack Shea
Executive Director
Teton Science School

“If one wants to learn about the stewardship of American landscapes, then come listen to Tim Palmer. He brings a conservationist's heart and a scholar's mind to every subject he speaks about.”

John Freemuth
Professor of Political Science
Boise State University

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