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Alfredo Quarto

Praise for Alfredo Quarto's Presentations

“(He) has incredible dynamism and passion… He is truly a dynamic speaker with strong oratorical skills accented with passion and commitment… any audience (will) appreciate both the man and his message.”

Rosario De Medici
Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President
Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International

“Alfredo Quarto is an articulate and highly knowledgeable speaker on the problems faced by one of the Earth’s most important and endangered ecosystems, mangrove forests… He is uniquely informed about the threats that are destroying these beautiful, productive, and economically valuable ecosystems, and the people who are trying to save them, all over the planet… His presentations are remarkably effective at getting people to recognize the urgency of saving what is left, and restoring what is gone.”

Thomas J. Goreau, PhD
Global Coral Reef Alliance

“(L)isteners were left at the end wanting to hear much more… He is a terrific presenter with a dynamic personality and a keen interest in his specialty and that in turn brings a very welcome sense of strength and dimension to his speaking.”

Toni Sims
Save Guana Cay Reef Association

“Alfredo Quarto is the most passionate and informed speaker I have ever heard talk about Mangrove devastation and how it effects not only the environment but the lives of everyone it touches… In fact his description of the disruption and health concerns pivoting around shrimp farming is so powerful that I've not eaten a shrimp since… he is a great speaker!”

Mara G. Haseltine
Calamara Productions & Green Salon Host

“He is a dynamic and personable speaker… He made it interesting and… he had a very strong impact on the audiences… One student swore she would never eat shrimp again…”

Janet Miller
Laredo, TX

“His dramatic PowerPoint presentation brings concrete images to the problems of destruction of mangroves and shorelines in developing countries. His depth of knowledge about environmental, social and economic impacts makes him a persuasive and engaging speaker.”

Anne Mosness
Go Wild Campaign

“Alfredo was able to galvanize the audience with his knowledge, commitment and global community efforts… Visionaries are able to translate the nomenclature for the general public. Their enthusiasm focuses the attention… Alfredo Quarto is such a speaker. I highly recommend that his advocacy work reach the widest possible audience.”

Joseph Emmanuel Ingoldsby
Landscape Mosaics

“(He) is able to assemble so much information in an engaging way… His years of service to this cause, commitment and his expertise clearly come through to his audiences. One cannot leave his talks without making a commitment to change so as not to participate in the ruination of the great mangrove forests.”

Darlene Schanfald, Ph.D.
Sequim, WA

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