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John Marshall Roberts

Praise for John Marshall Roberts’ Presentations

“John is a passionate and commanding speaker who grabs the audience... As program director for the Sustainable Business Council, I’ve heard numerous sustainability advocates speak… (He has) a special talent for uplifting and inspiring others. He’s got what I look for in all the speakers I engage.”

Peri Doslu
Sustainable Business Council

“John has an ability to cut through technical information… and present the inspirational heart of the material. He does this in a clear, interesting, and motivational way that gets heads in a room nodding ‘yes’!”

Linda Malek
LJM Marketing

“John Marshall Roberts has to be one of the best new communicators around. He is not only razor sharp, but has a sense of humor about life in a way that makes his message ‘authentic’.”

Jacki Paddock
CBS Radio Los Angeles

“John added a new dimension to our analysis of how to engage customers around a future vision for utility customer service. His values-based framework really makes you think differently. Our clients like the fact that John’s framework is actionable, predictive and measurable. And he is a great presenter!”

Benjamin Wimberly

“John Marshall Roberts has plenty of insightful things to say about the art of effective communication, but – very fittingly – it’s the way he says (them) that grabs the attention and won’t let go. Roberts takes you on a ride that will leave you energized and better equipped than ever to get your own message across.”

Emily Rabin-Cowan
Sustainable Brands

“John captivated my staff with his eloquent presentation of ideas. He brought energy, passion, and a willingness to apply his research and knowledge to our challenges. We are now energized to apply his framework to more authentically recruit and engage young people as we prepare them for careers and life.”

Marcus Castain
Infrastructure Academy

“John Marshall Roberts is a powerful thought leader with a unique wit and knack for popularizing abstract concepts in everyday language. John offers a new paradigm that reveals the hidden dynamics of inspiration. I’m generating real world results through practical tools that John has offered.”

Rob Strulowitz

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