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Betsy Rosenberg

Praise for Betsy Rosenberg's Presentations

“Hearing you speak was truly one of the more inspiring experiences I have had in a long time. It is so refreshing to hear someone who is not only articulate and intelligent, but hilarious as well! I would be hard pressed to imagine a better spokesperson for the environmental movement.”

Anna Cummins
Bilingual Program Coordinator
Save Our Shores

“Credibility is the differentiator that makes her an inspiring speaker. She also shows a sense of humor, can read an audience and can redirect her talk based on their needs… she was fantastic! …I understand our audience and would very highly recommend Betsy as a speaker.”

Donna Rogers
Director of Global Accounts
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

“Thank you very much for being the keynote speaker at our Atlantic County Environmental Conference… Your comments on America's Environmental Future, along with your personal reflections on covering environmental issues as a journalist, were a perfect foundation for this event. Several of those in attendance went out their way to tell me how they found what you had to say inspiring and very worthwhile. The fact that numerous panelists throughout the day made positive references to your comments is a further strong indication of how well you were received.”

Howard J. Kyle
Chief of Staff
Atlantic County Executive

“When Betsy spoke, she had the ability to wake up and motivate a group of people… There is something about her charismatic connection with people that gets the message deep into the hearts of her audience.”

Miriam Edelman
Teaching Staff
Dominican University

“Thank you for the enlightening and inspiring presentation… Your honest description of the challenges involved to keep environmental issues on the radio waves is insightful and your success is encouraging… Your gutsy, compassionate manner is uniquely effective for raising public awareness about global warming.”

Leida Jorge
Environmental Engineer

“Betsy Rosenberg is a world-class, eco-radio pioneer… professionally astute and passionate competence in programming cutting edge, vital information... and positive solutions... to perhaps the most important issues we face in our time. Betsy has eco-spirit, impeccable knowledge of environmental dynamics, and the advanced communication skills necessary to inspire change.”

Gary Lewin
Good Dirt Radio

“Betsy and EcoTalk provide a valuable forum for exploring pressing environmental issues in a constructive way that can almost border on fun, while always proving illuminating.”

Andrew Revkin
New York Times Correspondent

“Betsy Rosenberg is an energetic leader in reaching out to the public about our most critical environmental issues… Her keynote address at the Go Green Initiative Recycling in the Schools Conference was entertaining, inspiring and empowering. I highly recommend Betsy as a delightful, upbeat, clear, powerful and knowledgeable environmental speaker.”

Sharon Abreu
Singer, Speaker, Activist

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