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Joyce Rouse (Earth Mama)

Praise for Joyce Rouse's Presentations

“Joyce is wonderfully adaptable to location and audience… the ‘hit’ of the program for both children and adults. Her fresh approach and varied styles touch her audiences with a strong message.”

Kathryn C. McCoy
Energy Education Specialist
Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

“Joyce Johnson Rouse (Earth Mama) is a troubadour for the 21st century, light-hearted but deadly serious.”

Dr. Paul Salstrom
Activist, Author & Educator
St. Mary-of-the-Woods

“All movements march on their music. Earth Mama is one of the most melodious and lively songstresses for the love and preservation of our planet. Earth Mama's music gets you up off your butt and busy helping the earth.”

Vicki Robin
Author, Your Money or Your Life

“Thank you for singing your magic… Your contribution at the opening ceremony was everything we had hoped for – lively, fun, and truly educational… inclusive and diverse… reflective and inspirational.”

Barbara McDonald, Ph.D.
North American Association for Environmental Education

“Wonderfully positive, extensively fun, highly educating and uncommonly satisfying. Highly recommended!”

Stavros Moschopoulos
Food and Agriculture Organization
United Nations

“We wanted an event which would impart celebration as well as vision and hope to the participants. Earth Mama, through her well-timed humor, grace, and deep knowledge of the issues threatening our Earth, helped us pull it off with flair, energy, and spirit. This music gets you motivated toward compassionate action.”

K. Lauren de Boer
EarthLight Magazine

“Your musical teaching approach is sheer magic. Your incredibly expressive energy, audience participation and knowledge of natural resources, delivered in song, is truly 'edu-tainment' at it's best.”

Mona Womack
Deputy Director, National Conservation Training Center
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“Earth Mama music is toe-tapping, hand-clapping, syncopated fun!”

Jana Stanfield
Million-Selling Songwriter, Singer & Author

“One cannot listen to her music without being inspired to care for the earth. She adds humor, hope and light to a dark environmental forecast.”

Traci Hickson & Dennis Hendricks
Founders & Hosts
Web of Life Audio, The Earth Day Every Day Radio Station Project

“Such powerful, meaningful messages in such pleasing styles!”

Gerald Iversen
National Coordinator
Alternatives for Simple Living

“Her enthusiasm for the diversity and splendor of nature shines through in her songs. Her lyrics speak the mind of environmentalists and nature-lovers. She is a force for change. Earth Mama is another Rachel Carson, changing our consciousness with her songs.”

April Ambrose
Event Coordinator
Conway Earth Day

“We couldn't have found a more enthusiastic and knowledgeable woman to help us deepen our commitment to global sustainability. Your music conveys invigorating energy and has had a profound impact on us. Your input was the most painless and joyful way to deal with some heavy issues.”

Sr. Carol Snyder
Sisters of Saint Francis

“The Vision 2020 Expo was brought to life by your songs and enthusiasm. People left not only 'knowing' about sustainable agriculture and the role it plays, but SINGING about sustainable agriculture! Your CDs were carried reverently back to Alabama and shared throughout the environmental community.”

Ann M. Schultz
Program Coordinator
Iowa State University of Science and Technology

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