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Laura Stec

Praise for Laura Stec's Presentations

“Laura is a dynamic, energetic speaker. She has an inspired way of taking things way beyond talk of food and daily meals to talking about broader environmental issues and our guardianship of the planet. She is the kind of speaker who inspires action and behavioral change… She engages her audience. She is funny and memorable and never pedantic.”

Lynne and David Madison
Madison Images, Inc.

"Laura is a true professional – an expert on green cuisine and the impact of food and beverage on the environment. Even with two decades of experience, she still showed a sense of humility addressing the ever-changing challenges we face. Laura is detail oriented, inspirational and a champion advocate of environmental responsibility."

Travis Scott
Patrick Henry Creative Promotions

“Your energy is infectious.”

Lewis Ziska
United States Department of Agriculture

“Laura’s ability to keep students engaged and entertained is remarkable. Her knowledge of nutrition and the environment is truly impressive… She did a great job of tying the environment and our nutritional habits together. The class sold out, and left students asking when the next class would be.”

Krista Nilsen
Community Relations Coordinator
Whole Foods Market

“Thank you for speaking at our Green Your Grocery Basket forum. By far I enjoyed your presentation the most. You are a dynamic speaker and then some… You packed in a great deal of valuable and exciting information. That's the best kind of public education we can offer: engaging, practical, and mind-opening."

Ellen Wilkinson
Environmental Forum Coordinator

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