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Josh Tickell

Praise for Josh Tickell's Presentations

“Josh gave a fabulous presentation… Josh's use of humor in relating his experiences with biodiesel made what could have been a boring, technical topic, exciting and attention grabbing… Many people thanked me for bringing Josh on campus. Josh is one of the best speakers we have ever had.”

Gary Nealy
Chemistry Professor
Southeastern Community College

“(His) talk was applauded by our audience with words like ‘hopeful,’ ‘enlightening,’ ‘farsighted,’ and not to forget my favorite – ‘After a long day at work I found it uplifting, funny, energetic, and most enjoyable.’ Josh's ability to explain over a decade of effort and research in a one-hour presentation is a testament to his abilities.”

Joseph Pavicic
Liquid Renewable Fuels, Inc.

“His energy and humor kept our audience’s rapt attention and his presentation was insightful to both novices and experts in the industry. His passion and knowledge of alternative fuels was clearly evident.”

Hiroshi Morihara
Oregon Science & Technology Partnership

“Josh Tickell's presentation was a favorite amongst SolFest attendees, and he was a pleasure to work with professionally. We welcome him back any time.”

Coral Mills

“Rarely do I find a presenter that is equal parts expert, celebrity, and pioneer… Josh delivered a main stage keynote address that inspired and followed up with a workshop that informed attendees about the current state and future potential of biofuels in America. Thank you Josh, we'll be inviting you back…”

Bryan Birch
Education Coordinator
Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair

“Josh's energy is amazing… (He) commanded the microphone and… passionately preached his vision of a new way forward for America to realize sustainable energy.”

Randy White
Portland Peak Oil Task Force

“I can whole heartedly recommend Josh to any group looking for someone not just to motivate them with a thought-provoking speech, but to create an electric atmosphere where mental breakthroughs can happen.”

Rudi Wiedemann
President & CEO
Biodiesel Solutions

“I greatly appreciated Josh's inspiring message, his engaging style, his well-researched historical and scientific background, and his enduring faith that the American entrepreneurial spirit can and will rise to meet the challenges of climate change.”

Marian Brown
Provost's Office
Ithaca College

“A true pioneer and an exciting and inspirational speaker… (His) unique brand of enthusiasm blended with his thorough knowledge of biofuels and renewable energy resulted in numerous accolades from festival attendees…”

John Schaeffer
President and Founder
Real Goods and the Solar Living Institute

“The audience was charmed by his stories and impressed with his breath and depth of knowledge… With his remarkable gift for relating to the audience and his global perspective on biodiesel, Josh was the perfect choice for engaging, entertaining and educating our audience.”

Anne Tazewell
Transportation Program Manager
North Carolina Solar Center

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