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Zoe Weil

Praise for Zoe Weil's Presentations

“Zoe Weil is every conference organizer's dream speaker: Well-organized, well-spoken, informative, and entertaining. Her rankings as favorite speaker have been consistently high.”

Alex Hershaft, Ph.D.
Animal Rights National Conferences

“Zoe Weil is a phenomenal speaker who inspires hope whenever she speaks. Courageous, astounding, and passionate – these words reflect Zoe's character and vision.”

Dani Dennenberg, M.Ed.
Seeds for Change Humane Education

“I (have) never seen anyone so clearly embody her message or so deeply respect her audience. She addressed the participants from her heart and guided us masterfully with her wisdom and compassion.”    

Khalif Williams
Executive Director
Institute for Humane Education

“Zoe Weil is one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy in person. She has an uncanny ability to motivate even the most apathetic audience member to act to make the world a more compassionate and merciful place.”

Josh Balk
Outreach Coordinator
The Humane Society of the United States

“Zoe Weil combines the very best of what I look for in a presenter. She speaks from the heart with passion and good humor as she threads her extensive personal experience together with elegant analyses of solid research. You can count on Zoe for an exuberant presentation which is a sensible and memorable balance of both heart and mind.” 

Melissa Feldman, M.Ed.
Circle of Compassion

“(A) very insightful and wonderful presentation… Students were deeply impressed with your presentation and the work you are doing to introduce Humane Education around the country and Canada. After you left the students spoke very highly of your talk.”

Hugh Curran
Adjunct Professor, Peace and Reconciliation Studies
University of Maine

“Zoe Weil is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. People leave her talks eager and able to make a difference in the world.”

Michael Greger, M.D.
Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture
The Humane Society of the United States

“Zoe’s expertise and passion awaken powerful feelings in her listeners. Intelligent, affable, and intuitive, Zoe connects with her audience at all levels and leaves a mark of professionalism as well as a deep and personal impression.”

Roberto Giannicola
Custom Applications Consultant

“Zoe Weil is more than a speaker. She transforms lives and is changing the world with every presentation.”

Caryn Ginsberg
Priority Ventures Group

“I was inspired by your presentation. Not only the content, with which I strongly concur, but also the way you did it. Excellent presentation… You are not only on top of your subject but you are truly with the audience and they with you.”

John Resenbrink
Professor Emeritus, Bowdoin College
Co-Founder, United States Green Party

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