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Jay Weinstein

Praise for Jay Weinstein's Presentations

“We found Jay Weinstein to be an exceptional speaker… He spoke engagingly and effectively... He inspired and empowered our members with his talk, which not only raised consciousness about the problems of our industrialized food system, but proposed realistic solutions… We got raves from many folks who appreciated his thoughtful, articulate advocacy of sustainable agriculture and ethical eating.”

Kerry Trueman
Eating Liberally

“We have received many positive comments… here are a few of the comments made by our students: ‘The keynote speaker was wonderful… he did an excellent, excellent job speaking to the audience about why caring about what we’re purchasing is important.’ And ‘This was an absolutely fantastic event!!! Jay was the perfect pick. His message was powerful and challenged everyone in the audience to take action.’ (You) really helped make our event a success… It is exciting to see the number of students and staff that have taken your message to heart… On behalf of our steering committee, thank you!”

Jodie Peschl & Marian Diaz
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University
Heritage Day Steering Committee

“You were one of our most engaging speakers, and… one of our most memorable… Your talk was both passionate and motivating… We’d run out of time before the group ran out of questions, and yet you stayed with us to answer every one of them. I greatly appreciate a speaker who is willing to do that.”

Wendy Sabin-Lasker
Director Daytime Programs
92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association

Last year I appeared on a panel run by the Center for Communication in New York. The subject was how the public is fooled by the food industry… In my opinion, Jay was the star of the panel – energetic, informative, and a great conversation style. An excellent public speaker.”

Peter Pringle
Author of Food, Inc

“His frank discussion of the realities he experienced in the restaurant world really opened my eyes to the value of a lower-meat diet. Jay’s approachable manner, easy banter, and good humor make him a welcome guest on my shows any time. I give him my highest recommendation, and know that he will always bring good sense, knowledge, and practical solutions to any audience he addresses.”

Ira Kleinman
Ira Kleinman’s Food & Travel Talk, Weekend at the Waldorf, and Live From Grand Central

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